Egyptian Presidential Elections: 2012 and now

Today is the beginning of the farce elections where General Abdul Fattah Al Sisi is the only candidate running. You don't hear much anywhere in the world that this is taking place because it's a shameful joke that nobody is going to take seriously. 

I remember how things were completely different 6 years ago during the elections in 2012. Although I decided not to vote to any of the candidates, I can't deny that the atmosphere and the accomplishments we made were a source of pride and hope for us Egyptians and everyone else who was following us around the world.

Egypt experienced 1 genuine historical round of elections in 2012 after the blessed Egyptian revolution of January 25th, 2011. While it wasn't 'perfect', it was the closest experience to a democratic process Egypt could have dreamed of at that time.

After the revolution, Egypt was trying to recover long decades of military dictatorship, oppression, lack of political space, and tons of social and political illnesses.

The 2012 round came as a result of the efforts and sacrifices of the Egyptian revolutionary when their expectations and dreams were the strongest voice in the whole country.

The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) didn't want ANY elections held but the people at that time were pushing hard and made it possible.

Egypt had dozens of presidential candidates, Egyptians were discussing politics openly everywhere, electoral campaigns were active all over the country, freedom, excitement, and aspirations were all in the air. There was no way you could miss all of this or take it lightly. This was literally the very first time Egyptians were given the choice of choosing their ruler in a very very long time.

The overthrow of Muhammad Morsi, the first democratically elected president of Egypt who is now suffering medical negligence in prison, destroyed all of this. That's why June 30th, 2013 was a cheap military coup and if you think otherwise and claim to be a 'revolutionary' you are either deluded or fooling yourself. We will continue to speak up. 

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