Who are we

Who are we?

A group of volunteer writers, translators, and human rights advocates. We speak and read Arabic and English fluently, and know some Spanish and Italian. 

We saw the injustices against our friends and loved ones in Egypt as well as ordinary Egyptians being neglected and overlooked in the non-Arabic narratives on Egypt. 

This is our small way of contribution to change this.
We want to honor their struggles and bring more attention to these forgotten stories to the rest of the world.  

What's the Unheard Egypt?

مصر المش مسموعة "The Unheard Egypt" is a new media initiative in English ( and other languages possibly!) from Egypt to the rest of the world. Our goal is to highlight and report on the misreported, unrepresented, and eventually, unheard Egypt that is overlooked by the English speaking media locally and internationally.

What are we trying to accomplish?

1- Utilizing and improving the foreign languages, technology, and media production tools and talents the Egyptian youth have in order to help and connect with their community. 

2- Amplifying non-mainstream -though important- issues and opinions in Egypt that are not considered in the current seemingly polarized/heated social and political atmosphere.

3- Filling the gap created in the current non-Arabic journalistic/media narrative on post #Jan25 Egypt due to cultural/social barriers and sometime bias.

4- Offering a possibly neutral local connector that is familiar with the social, political, and cultural aspects of Egypt while having an international perspective on the issues discussed.