Who pays the price of political imprisonment?

Like everywhere else in the world, the political prisoner isn't the only victim of the trial of imprisonment, his family and loved ones are also victims and they live their pains and different other types of pains.

Some people probably heard about the Egyptian researcher Ismail Al Iskandarani who's been in prison since last year and is targeted mainly for his research and work about Sinai and the people of Sinai in Egypt, something the tyrannical military didn't like. Ismail's work was widely respected and published locally and internationally, and as a result caused his arrest upon returning to Egypt at one of the airport. He's been experiencing indefinite detention since late 2015 until today. 

But this is his wife Kadeega Gaffar, a prominent researcher and writer herself whose work And contribution are very respected and recognized locally and internationally.
You can see the toll of the hardship on her face and her soul.

In late April 2016 it was the first time her husband Ismail appeared to a court since they stopped him at the airport in November 2015. ‪

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