Stop the execution of 6 innocent Egyptian youth!

Ibrahim Yahya Azab

Ahmed El Walid El Shall

Mahmoud Wahba

Khaled Askar

Basem Mohsen

Abdul Rahman Mohamed Abdou

These are the names of 6 Egyptian young men whose death sentence was confirmed just a few days ago after the last appeal was refused. The only way to stop their execution is a presidential pardon. 

They are all loved and respected by everyone in their circles and are distinguished individuals who are students and graduates of the faculties of medicine, engineering, pharmaceuticals, and sciences.

As many might know, execution has been used as a political punishment in Egypt since 2013. 

In this case, the young Egyptian men were all kidnapped, forcibly disappeared, tortured, and forced to confess to a proposed crime of killing one person! 

This is how they looked like before and after they were tortured by the Egyptian security forces:

Ibrahim Azab's parents with a portrait of their son whose death sentence was recently confirmed

Their families and supporters in Egypt have been blogging and writing about their case on the following hashtags on social media: